I’ve just come across an exceptional paper from The Netherlands called “A New Perscpective on the Experience Economy.”

In it “the authors approach the experience economy from the perspective of the individual and his or her potential program of giving meaning to his or her life. We are returning to a human scale in our thought and actions and shift the focus from ‘the supplier’ and ‘the organisation’ to ‘the individual’.

This article describes the foundations of meaningful experiences, the particular design principles that apply to them and how you can bring the whole concept—from the idea to the reality—into actual practice. The experience economy is more than just ’excite me’, ‘feed me’ and ‘entertain me’. Businesses and organisations can play a meaningful role in helping the individual to find his or her own way.”

I love it! What a teaser. Download the paper. Download a_new_perspective_on_the_experience_economy.pdf

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