Girls_1All the kids these days have cell phone cameras. Ever since I bought a camera-equipped PDA, I’ve been snapping the weirdest things I see on the street, family dinners, landscapes from a zooming car, cool bands, a couple of puppies, etc.

And if anyone who has visitied a typical MySpace or Facebook page would immediately notice, kids and young adults have hundreds of snapshots that they post and share every day. We are becoming a very snap-happy marketplace.

So it’s so cool to see a bus shelter campaign capitalize on this burgeoning human proclivity. Check this idea out: position yourself in front of the shelter ad — which is a graphic of a fake magazine cover, for instance — and take a picture of yourself.


You are now on the cover of a magazine.

Or the winner of a boxing match.

Or in bed with two hotties.

Then send off the pic to your astounded (and disbelieving) friends around the world.

A Norwegian telco called Netcom wants people to snap more pictures with their cell phones and send them off to friends via the handheld’s email. And it is giving them an advertising experience that compells them to do so.

This is an incredible example of simple insight taken to the next level, and a prime example of an ubiquitous technology transforming traditional mass media. These outdoor ads, created by BBDO Norway, are uniquely experiential. Kudos to the work. Expect copy cats next week.


Find more great work at Adhunt. Click on the photo to the right for a closer look and explanation.

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