I just came across a great blog called Twenty Four. It is written by India-based Sandeep Makan, a twenty-four-year-old ad creative yearning to glean the best ad knowledge from around the world.


He seems to have a keen eye for creative, and an intuitive appreciation of the “active” notions in advertising. Just take a look at this amazing — and certainly experiential — piece of print creative for a chain of karate schools.

According to Makan’s post, Sambit Mohanty from Vyas Gianetti Creative is the creative brain behind this ad that won an Abby Gold & a New York Silver recently. The ad was done while he was at Publicis. So I also enjoy reading about work I have never seen, nor probably ever will, as it comes primarily from parts of the world I would love to visit…but never been.

Consider it a bit of adventure travel in advertising. And enjoy.

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