End of Hucksterism

David Wolfe, author of the popular Ageless Marketing blog, has a wonderful post today. Referencing books like “A Whole New Mind” and “The New Culture of Desire,” Wolfe states that “The days of unmitigated hucksterism when the relationship between marketer and customer was product centric to the extreme are coming to an end. The practice of product centric marketing and sales is increasingly being assessed in a moral light.”

Furthermore, Wolfe writes that “healing is a relevant value. In the years ahead, marketers who empathetically connect with people’s need to feel better about themselves, about life, about the world in general will be the norm. They stand to be more influential on consumers’ decisions than the old product centric hucksterism that was all about a company’s objectives and little about the consumer’s real needs.”

This is the kind of great thinking that David musters without fail every time I read his blog. Smart, insightful and without the useless hysteria that characterizes many marketing blogs (this one included ;-)). A must-read.

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