From AdPulp comes this entry:

Popular speaker and author, Tom Asacker, weighs in on some things he’s been thinking about lately.

People believe that they are better than they really are, and they want YOU and your people and your business model to validate those feelings. If you’re really smart, you’ll make them feel even better about themselves and their decisions.

I wonder why, no matter how many times or in how many ways I explain this to clients, it seems to fall on deaf ears. Here it is again: Harley Davidson does not sell motorcycles. They sell identity. They sell esteem. They sell belonging. Ditto for Apple and Starbucks and the rest of the best.

Did you hear what one college woman said when asked why she kept buying her coffee at Starbucks even after the professor agreed to purchase it for her (exactly the way she desired it)? Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Here it is:

“They’d miss me at my regular Starbucks if I didn’t stop in.”

Self-worth . . . only $5 a cup.

Isn’t this what consumer engagement is all about? Isn’t this what respect in marketing is all about? Isn’t this the underlying basis of experiential marketing?

Am I drinking my own Cool-Aid here, or is there consensus?


  1. I think you are exactly right.

  2. Matts

    Click on Ever wonder how Matt builds speakers? Ive had this recipe kicking around f

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