Event Marketing Survey

Event Marketer Magazine, with sponsorship support from Polaroid Corporation, has released a consumer study to gauge consumer attitudes, perceptions and practices with respect to event marketing programs. Event Marketer engaged David Van Nuys, Ph.D.,of E-Focus Groups, a market research firm, to create a survey based on the questions developed by the magazine. A total of 976 panelists responded to the survey invitation.

This is an interesting study, well-designed and presented. I recommend a read: Download experiential_marketing_insights_2005.pdf

On a similar topic, for those of you who have not yet signed-on at the Experiential Marketing Forum and checked out the File Sharing section are missing out on a lot of invaluable information and great thinking on experiential marketing.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    pdf link is dead i think.

  2. Marketing Survey

    According to conference goers, the three Internet marketing techniques that worked the best For ev

  3. Wes Thompson, VP Segment Management, LaSalle Bank · · Reply

    Max, do you have access to any stats that indicate the size of the experiential marketing industry/market?

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