I just love this outdoor execution for The Economist newsmagazine. This simple idea is so on-brand and compelling, it makes me teary-eyed a bit.

Technically, all it involves is a lowered billboard, an oversized lightbulb and a motion-activated switch — all working together to provide each consumer that passes it a surprising and thought-provoking experience.


Damn, how I wish I thought of this!

As you can tell, I am a big fan (dilettante) of outdoor media, even though I am an experiential marketer — a methodology that reliles on active media, rather than passive — and involve myself in “live” marketing.


Yet outdoor media is increasingly appropriating the mentality, if not the outright tactics, of experiential marketing.

I mean, has anyone been to Times Square lately? Check out the snowglobe from Sears. That’s awesome stuff! So I love to point out some of the more creative outdoor executions I find on the internet, like my friend Mike Milardo’s recent work for TBWA.


Or check out this subway ad for Mini. That’s some creative indoor stuff! By giving consumers a more immersive experience, rather than just a brand impression, this type of OOH media is a driving force (pun intended) in the consumer demand for more experiential marketing.

So folks, enjoy the eye candy. There’s more to come. A lot more.


  1. Paul Charlebois · · Reply

    Hi Max,
    I have been checking your blog on a regular basis and have but one question for you…Where do you find all of these amazing creative excecutions? Personally, I am only able to find the typical things on ad critic, marketing mag and so-on.

  2. Hey Paul,
    Just look to the links on the right, man!

  3. hey,
    mini did not only do an indoor-commercial promoting their new model, but also a corporate mobmov in five german cities. enjoy the captures from munich:

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