I love this work! If someone were to ask me what outdoor media should be like, I would refer them to these photos.

Not because of the actual creative, mind you. I would refere to these photos because of the action that they inspire. I love these ads because it makes the end-user consumer go absolutely crazy for the product…or the representation of that product.

Of course, I’m being a bit facetious here. But not to the extent that I’m not deadly serious. These ads are freaking experiential!

You see, these floor stickers and posters are scented like dog food. This little bit of olfactory sense input gets dogs into a Pavlovian frenzy.

And if one of the key tenets of successful experiential marketing is to use as many sensory inputs as possible to engage the consumer, than this campaign is clearly experiential.

Okay, it is more experiential to canines than to humans. Granted. But don’t you think that the human consumer will remember its pooch’s freak-out and interaction with the product, even though it is one-dimensional?

Of course she would! Therefore, these ads are experiential to the homo sapien in all of us.

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