Sorry I have been so out of touch here on this blog. It’s been a while since my last post, dear readers, and I apologize for my negligence. Funniestwashroom

In penance, I plan on posting some more eye-candy, if you will: great posters, outdoor executions, online intercepts and such…all examples of taking existing “static” media and making them more experiential.

Of course, wild media is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to XM. Not to worry, I have a number of, um, “deeper” posts running around in the noodle.

But first, this random entry…..

The first photo to the right — the one of hot babes measuring up a guy at the urinal — has been forwarded to me from way too many sources, the majority of which claiming that this is a great example of next-level and experience-based advertising. It isn’t it.

It’s cool, sure. The photography is cool, the size is cool, maybe even the product it’s supposed to shill is cool. But experiential? The jury is still out. Allbransydney

I much rather prefer the second photo in this post…another example of bathroom advertising…but one with a decidedly different approach to humor.

And it taking this different approach — from the lowest-common-denominator to tongue-in-cheek — takes the execution much closer to experiential status.


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