NY-based XM shop Interference has launched a 4 market campaign (New York, LA, SF and Chicago) for Women & Co to introduce its women’s financial membership service in a very innovative way. The campaign uses mirrors to drive home the notion of reflection, and to capitalize on the habit women have of checking their hair and makeup in the mirror throughout the day.Wildposting12

Hundreds of actual mirrors were posted outdoor and indoor throughout the cities with compelling copy and branded on them, such as:

“You’re one of a kind. Is your financial plan?:
“That smile would go great with a financial future.”
“You look like a million bucks. Does your retirement account?”

All mirrors directed passers-by to the Women & Co. website at http://www.womenandco.com. Guerrilla teams fanned out through the markets, accompanied by large free standing mirrors that are branded with the catchy copy. P101002212

As a beneficial premium and mnemonic, the teams are also handing out branded compact
mirrors to women in order remind them to keep looking at their finances.

Great and simple XM work to viscerally and creatively drive home an otherwise stodgy message.

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