Forget my bemoaning from Wednesday’s post. We are not blowing smoke up our asses. Blogs do work. They work like a muthaf*$#!@ah!

Both Mediapost and Adrants report on a speech given by Brian Clark, the CEO of GMD Studios, who ran a campiagn for Audi titled “The Art of the Heist.”

Just one-half of one percent of the media buy budget, Clark said, was spent on BlogAds–a firm run by panel moderator Henry Copeland, which sells ad space on some of the highest-trafficked blogs. Those ads, Clark said, ended up accounting for 29 percent of the traffic sent to the campaign’s landing page.
Another panelist, John Hiler–CEO of Xanga–cited an advergame campaign run on his site. Xanga users were encouraged to host the game on their Xanga blogs–which garnered 250,000 posts containing the game, and 3 million interactions with the game….The media cost for the entire blog ad buy was less than the cost of one banner ad on a mainstream site such as Yahoo.

See, folks. There really is something going on here. This is big. Big for blogs. Big for marketers. I mean, this is Audi, ferchrissakes. If anyone had doubts about the combustible mixture of good creative, alernative distribution, an inherent trust in the consumer and a hands-off approach to viral growth, just take a look at the awards “The Art of the Heist” has garnered. Then slap yourself fast. Awards don’t mean a thing. The numbers, folks, the numbers. One half of 1 percent of the ad budget accounted for 29 percent of the traffic to the campaign’s home page. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Snippets 1 Oct

    Audi branching out on BlogAds. For a recent award winning campaign, Audi spent 0.5% of their media spend on a Blog Ad promotion. This led to 29% of the visits on the campaign homepage, which is a pretty astounding number….

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