The Hollywood Reporter has a brief interview with Judith Regan, the publisher and media mogul, for the “future of entertainment” special. Surprisingly, the woman whom made millions with tawdry tell-all books, political muckraking and celebrity gossip, sees the future as a step away from the “pornoization” of American culture.

In doing so, she echoes experiential marketers’ calls for a humanization of marketing, and of using real people to engage with other real people, instead of the mindless gloss of traditional marketing and advertising. Reganmoves

“The central problem in America is lonliness, which comes out of consuming all this pop culture and yet, not having human experiences. I call it the “pornoization” of the culture. If you look at where the culture is going, there is no love, there is no tenderness. The images my daughter sees are devoid of love. I actually see in the future that simulating love or some authentic human experience will become what people desire and what they want to pay for.”

Any comments to refute Ms. Regan, the doyen of Regan Books? Something tells me she has a point.

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