Geico insurance is getting in on the consumer co-creation bandwagon! Taking cues from the Converse Gallery, Apple and Fleuvog, the insurance company has launch the Golden Gecko promotion and contest. Consumers are encouraged to make a 15-second movie cum commercial and subit it to the Golden Gecko site for cash and holiday prizes.Snapshot_20050921_095040

What’s really iinteresting is what can come out of the campaign that is greater than just fabulous creative done by non-ad folks. One example: consumer blogs detailing the creation process of making the 15-secoond spots, like this one.

Now we can follow along with Drew as he creates his commercial, his thoughts, motivations and processes in that creative process. Multiply this by tens if not hundreds, and the promotion to create a Geico commercial turns into a movement for community-building and consumer interest that is much more significant than the promotion itself.

Thanks to Kara for pointing me to this.

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