There’s a Chicago-based experiential marketing boutique agency called Bamboo Worldwide that has a great website to play with. While clicking on the monkey, I discovered the “12 Secrets of the Bamboo Lounge,” which I now share with you.

Secret # 1: One great experience is worth a thousand impressions. It’s the reason Starbucks can charge a premium for a cup of coffee and 7 – 11 can’t.
Secret # 2: Embrace the early adopters. Whether they know it or not, everyone follows the “freaks.”
Secret # 3: Stay true to your core persona. In the game of marketing, authenticity always trumps awareness.
Secret # 4: Never cater to the lowest common denominator. Remember, there’s a reason no one ever requests the gooey brown stuff at the bottom of the barrel.
Secret # 5: Don’t try to be everybody’s darling. Polarization creates opinions. Opinions create buzz. Buzz creates Brand Celebrities.
Secret # 6: Leverage discovery to ignite word of mouth. Create a remarkable product and provide an authentic experience where influencers can FIND YOU.
Secret # 7: Credibility cannot be bought. Relevance is indispensable. Scarcity equals exclusivity. We call this our “special secret.” Buy one, get two free.
Secret # 8: Everything matters. Take care in creating your experience, all the way down to the restroom hand towels.
Secret # 9: “Boring is always the riskiest strategy.” Seth Godin, The Purple Cow. Ikea lives by Seth’s philosophy, how about you?
Secret # 10: People don’t buy a thing, they buy a personality. Make sure your brand has a strong one.
Secret # 11: A great brand isn’t measured by units sold but relationships built. If you build consumers’ trust, they’ll be more likely to forgive you when you screw up.
Secret # 12: Traditional advertising is a fresh coat of paint. Marketing experiences is a whole new barn.

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  1. Lovely tips from Bamboo Lounge. If you stay true to this philosophy, then one does not need marketing. Believers will flock to the brand, the brand then has to live-up to the promise with every interaction.

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