A sidebar on Adrants describes a first-of-its-kind deal between JSM Music, BBDO and Daimler Chrysler to get into “the game” — or the music business, as rappers and b-boys would say. The trio will all go into a profit-share agreement to release a full-length rap album and video with up-and-coming rap star Chris Classic (who happens to be Reverend Run’s — of Run DMC fame — nephew). Chris_2copy

How did this all come to fruition? The end-answer is simple: consumer evangelism.

BBDO hired JSM music to provide a soundtrack to a commercial for the Dodge Charger. The song is called “Unleashed” and is a form of music called “mash-up,” where two seemingly dissimilar songs are “mashed” together to form a new one, with Classic rapping over the beats.

After the commercial aired in mid-May, JSM received over 20,000 eager emails from consumers asking where they could buy the track. It was clear that JSM had a hit on their hands. The company acted quickly by convincing BBDO to pony-up the moolah for a music video — a staple in a musician’s arsenal to propogate a song. BBDO and Daimler Chrysler agreed to put up money for the music video, while Simon agreed to give a cut of the album sales to the ad agency.

While songs from commercials have been released before in album form, it’s the first time that the agency and its client, in this case Daimler Chrysler, have a financial stake in the project.

The single from the commercial, called “Unleashed,” will be released in September, along with the video. The full-length album, which will feature other music from Classic, will be released in October..2006dodgechargerrtf1920x1440

This example isn’t branded entertainment, folks. There was no plan in place to do this. The album and video were a direct result from consumer enthusiasm and involvement. Kudos to BBDO vision, and Daimler Chrysler’s chutzpah, to act quickly and decisively to capitalize on positive consumer feedback. It’s good that these behemoths even listen to their consumers, let alone go the extra mile to delight them.

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