David Polinchock from Brand Experience Lab has just published a great article on his blog, called "It’s Time To Captivate, Not Just Capture." Like many experience marketers and XM advocates, he is taking aim at the eye-ball and impression-obsessed marketing environment in which "the industry is happily writing articles about how we can capture the audience, [but] there are numerous articles from people outside the industry complaining about being captured."

He continues that the environment is  "what happens when tactics over take narrative and strategy. Look at the press the Paris Hilton commercials have scored for Carl’s Jr. But a recent article in Ad Age indicated virtually no lift in sales. Parisburgerstorycnn

And Carl’s is now going to create more teen male oriented content on their site, to make it a destination for that audience, based on the number of people who wanted to download that single commercial. That’s an idea being driven solely by tactical thinking, not strategic thinking." Indeed.

Great points in this piece, from a guy who just loves brand stories and technologies to bring them to life. Check out his great articles here.

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