In the 1980s, marketing centered around quality. The 1990s were all about the brand. And marketing in this decade will be predicated on the experience.

Media darling (for a damn good reason) and shit-hot agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky "get it" and they help their clients "get it" too. So it’s no surprise that the originators of Subservient Chicken and the Mini Robot have come out with a nu-metal / grunge band called Coq Roq. Get it? It’s to hype Burger King’s new chicken sandwich. Coq Roq. Get it? Pretty funny stuff. Check it out here.

I was intrigued enough to visit the band’s site. It’s actually not bad, and the music kinda rocks — even if all the songs are chicken-themed and the band members all wear chicken masks and/or makeup — an obvious nod to Slipknot, Kiss and…Spinal Tap.Chickw_1

This execution is bound to attract a viral curiosity-fest. The site is very well-designed, exactly what a $2000 band website would look like. Except for the picture gallery. It’s totally a cool way to present pics of the band "on the road" and hanging out with groupies.

Experiential marketers depend on the fact that the experience of each individual human being with the marketing campaign will be positive and relevant enough to organically spread buzz. Buzz marketing is an invaluable experiential marketing tool, but one that can only work if authentic and upfront with its intentions. The young audience that is most likely Coq Roq’s core fan base will quickly embrace the cool absurdity of the site and the band if they feel that this isn’t another cynical marketing hoax.

Tellingly, Crispin Porter & Bogusky doesn’t hide the advertising intentions of the site. The Burger King logo appears at the bottom of the site’s homepage. And a Burger King copyright logo is featured on every page.

Creative executions like this and others are the latest trend in marketing that harnesses word-of-mouth without being deceptive or dodgy. They are a testament to those that say buzz marketing is not reliant on buzz agents alone. The best buzz is sparked by good creative and fresh messaging, not creative scripts delivered by paid messengers.


  1. Wow, I’ve never been this dissapointed after reading your blog. CP+B isn’t great, heck they aren’t even good. This latest execution won’t increase BKs ROI $0.01.
    As for shit hot, if you mean by losing Gateway and being on the verge of losing 3 other accounts, then you are dead on.

  2. Hey Ted! Thanks for the comment. I didn’t know CP+B (thanks for showing me this way to type it, too) was losing accounts that fast. Maybe they’re getting too shit-hot for their own good.
    I disagree about the ROI comment — you know — not increasing Burger King’s ROI even one penny. I think it will, but that’s not even the point. I think that the way the ROI is measured for an on-going online and viral campaign platform, like Burger King has pursued for its chicken line-up, will certainly provide ROI in the long term, and perhaps not immediately where most data is crunched.
    I look at it as ROE — Return on Experience — and we shall have to watch together what that means to BK’s bottom line in a year or two.

  3. Celeste B. · · Reply

    Max and Ted–
    FYI CP+B didn’t lose the account–it resigned it.

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