How come people think advertising sucks? Well, all you have to do is flip open the pages of the bible of advertising — Ad Age — and see for yourself. An ad for New York’s annual Advertising Week shows a close-up of a woman’s ample cleavage, with a tag line that says "Advertising. We all do it."
Holy shit, how fucking base and crass and wholly unimaginative! I mean, last year’s mascot for Advertising Week was a giant eyeball. Yes, a giant eyeball. Let’s not get totally Freudian here (or is it Jungian…?), but do ad execs really think of consumers as simply impression-based eyeballs, or do they think everyone in the ad industry is a single guy with a boob fetish?

The ad was created "pro bono" by DDB Worldwide, New York. Nice job, guys. And I do mean guys, because a woman CD acquiescing to this tripe and puerile "creative" is unthinkable.

This is exactly the type of mindless creative that is driving advertising into a premature grave. I’m no prude. Far from it. I love crossing boundaries. I crave creative breakthroughs. I seek to impress. This ad does nothing but the opposite. It takes us back to the stupid old white man world of tits-and-ass advertising. Totally brainless. Done. Over with. Time to move on.

Adrants has a different take on the bustier imbroglio here.

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  1. Complaining about cleavage? Man, it’s official. You are a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

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