I Stand Corrected

So, Andy Sernovitz has put me in my place! The head honcho of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has graciously pointed out to me that he doesn’t wear designer jeans after all, as I asserted in an earlier post.

I believe the exact quote was: Now, I bet all the folks at WOMMA are going to crap their designer jeans when this gets back to them.

Andy hilariously replied that: Actually, we usually wear Dockers.  I stand corrected, sir.

It’s good to note that word-of-mouth types have a sense of humor. In fact, most of the Picture1_1 good WOM is predicated primarily on humor alone. Something funny will always travel faster through the social networks than something poignant or urbane. And unless it is a major tragedy, melancholy and pathos don’t feed the WOM frenzy that much either. Humor is the king of buzz.

Or is it sex?

We can put the question to the test: Andy, do something sexy! Take off those Dockers, man, and send us the nudie shots.

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