The New Canadian

I very much like this article,Download TheNewCanadianMagazineWinter04-05_small.pdf  not only because the writer quotes me a lot (full disclosure: he’s a friend of mine) and not just because Erik Hauser and the IXMA are also extensively referenced. I like it because it aims to present experiential marketing in a very accessible manner, with an easy-going narrative but plenty of punch. Picture1

We started talking about experiential marketing in the car. The writer turned on the taperecorder just as I began talking about the Scion brand, and the way it was marketed to their target consumer. In a weird scene of serendipity, a Scion pulled up in front of the car, even though no Scions were being sold in Canada. It was a great experiential moment; the writer was able to see the car firsthand, and as I engaged in a series of car maneuvers around it while simultaneously waxing poetic about its ingenius marketing campaign, the message was certainly delivered experientially.

Parenthetically, the feature article is by Craig Silverman, who runs the very cool blog called Regret the Error.

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