International Experiential Marketing Association

Ixma_logo I have been privileged to be a founding board member of the International Experiential Marketing Association (IXMA), which was started by a great friend and marketing dynamo named Erik Hauser, founder and CD of Swivel Media out of San Francisco. Erik is quickly becoming the go-to guy when it comes to experiential marketing strategies and tactics, or what he would rather call "experience marketing."

I urge everyone I meet to join IXMA. Not just marketers and advertisers, mind you. Everyone. Why? Because the members at IXMA are charting an entirely new course in marketing — a paradigm-shifting outlook on the world of consumers — or rather, prosumers. We are all prosumers in one form or another. It makes sense, therefore, that we are aware of the ways we want to interact with products and engage with brands. The world is ours, and marketers better wake up to this reality fast.

That’s why its so great to read the posts from around the world on the Experiential Marketing Forum (EMF). It’s amazing to read the thoughts, advice and rants from around the world. Erik tells me that we are signing up hundreds of members each week from China, India, the Gulf states and Latin America. Their insights are so refreshing. There is much to learn.

I’ll end my panegyric here. But do take my advice and visit these hubs of intellect. You won’t regret the journey.

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